SmokeScreen studio is a digital production house

specializing in computer-generated animation, visual effects, and live-action production for the film, television, gaming, and amusement industries. SmokeScreen is a visual effects studio specializing in computer-generated imagery for the entertainment industry SmokeScreen studio is a digital production studio specializing in computer-generated and live-action imagery for the film, television, gaming and amusement/theme park industries. A friggin long time ago the order of Smokist Monks formed to guard the work of Smokescreen Studio. Generations of devout followers have dedicated their lives protecting some seriously smokin stuff from non-believers. Those invited to gaze inside the Ark of the Smoke shall attain enlightenment. Those who enter unbidden do so at their own risk. Smokescreen is adept at...well...smokin stuff. Ages of rigorous training and worldly experience honed a monastery of creativity capable of handling every aspect to production from concept to completion. Disciplines decipherable in all their work include:

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